SAR 150, Is Your Vehicle Consuming More Fuel ?

Is Your Car Consuming More Fuel ? ( Problem and its Solution )

Stop guessing and start assessing! Know what is going on with your vehicle so you can make an educated decision.

Before making expensive, doubtful,and Blindly estimated repairs get your car scanned by Service Center Level professional scanner.

Get professional scanning of your Cars of any brand since 1990 to 2021
Random problems with or without check engine light.

1- Automatic Transmission Analysis
2- Torque Converter Clutch Testing
3- Gear Shift Delay Testing
4- Program Automatic Transmission after Repair / Replacement

1- Company Branded Factory tool Scanner Detailed Testing on all modules- SR150/- ( charged by service center SR 350)

2- Automotive Lab scope Testing if on request / required will be charged extra. ( we are the first, only service provider )

All test are done with Original Scan Tools

Dealer level Diagnostics service on the following Brands:
1- Hyundai 2- KIA 3- Toyota 4- Lexus 5- Ford 6- GMC

7- Chevrolet 8- Honda 9- Nissan 10- BMW 11- Mercedes

12- Volkswagen 13- Renault 14- Volvo 15- Chrysler / Dodge Coming soon

16- Peugeot 17- Citroen 18- ISUZU

Now Available : Commercial Heavy Duty Trucks Diagnostics

Languages : Urdu / Hindi / English / Telugu

Please contact Mobile / WhatsApp : 0597394437

Riyadh, Auto Parts, SAR 150,  Is Your Vehicle Consuming  More Fuel ?Riyadh, Auto Parts, SAR 150,  Is Your Vehicle Consuming  More Fuel ?