Complete Home Security system:
• One of the top brands in home security, GARDTEC, made in UK
• Used in most banks and gold shops
• One Control Panel
• Six motion detectors
• One internal siren
• One External Siren, very loud 125 Decibel sound with flashing lights upon activation
• Two key pads to arm and disarm
• One Auto-dialer that will dial 4 programed phone numbers with your recorded message
• Three different inputs and messages (Fire, Burglary or Personal / health Emergency)
• Full or partial activation (fully on if you are outside or ground floor activated at night)
• Chime function for any area
• Extremely reliable system, all components “fully temper-proof” with full battery back-up
• Has prevented several break-in attempts in my house during last few years
• Cost of new system (with above mentioned components) about SAR 8,000
• Asking 2,400

Call or What's app: 0503962037