I want to buy a spa hotel in London and I am seeking a special investor or silent partner. I am a British Asian woman and I live in London. I am single with no children and I intend to run the business and live in it.

This will be a small luxury spa hotel and the cost will be between GBP1 million to GBP 10 million depending on the property. It can be a small luxury spa hotel or based in Central London. Property investments are at a premium here and the prices rarely depreciate so it will be a good investment.

You could be someone who is cash rich and who wants to invest in England or maybe a foreign business person who seeks a reliable female British partner to create a base here. Or you could be a foreign business person who visits England regularly and wants a home/business here.

No scammers, loan agents, third parties or middle-men. Please only contact if you are the investor.

I look forward to hearing from you.