Horizon Mechanical Services offers a full service machine shop from repairs to full production runs. Our shop is outfitted with a variety of mills and lathes.


Our services include the following:
- Block Liner Fitting & Boring
- Block Boring
- Block Brazing & Line Borning
- Crankshaft Grinding
- Piston Fitting
- Connecting Rod Bush Fitting
- Camshaft Bush Fitting
- Cylinder Head Seat New Making
- Cylinder Head Seat Cutting
- Cylinder Head Seat Lapping
- Cylinder Head Guide Fitting
- Cylinder Head Welding & Facing
- Cylinder Head Facing
- Cylinder Head Valve Grinding
- Wheel Bearing Fitting
- Bush Fitting
- Bolt/Nut/Thread/Shaft Making
- Welding/Brazing/Fabricating
- Brake Disc/Drum Facing
- Petrol Injector Servicing
- Block Liner Fitting & Boring
- Pressure Testing
- Flywheel Facing
- Crankshaft Oil Seal Sleeve
- Ball Joint Fitting
- Manifold Stud Removing
- Block Facing

We can also arrange for pick up and delivery of the above items.

Cylinder Rebores & Crankshaft Grinding are within half a day,This means that you can bring all your engine parts that need attention have them back machined, complete with the all necessary parts needed and be ready to assemble the same day to minimize downtime.

For inquiries please call us on: 34349769