Multi Range, online cleaning suppliers based in Sydney, currently distributes our premium cleaning supplies range to RSL clubs, property services, cleaning contractors, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, accommodation houses and government organizations around Australia.

Turn to Multi Range for high quality biodegradable plastic bags. Compostable bin liners are the ideal earth-friendly solution for your bins. At the end of their life cycle, they will have broken down to leave behind no harmful residue.

Their strength and durability mean they can be used in residential and commercial instances, indoors or out. They are available in 80L, 120L and 240L sizes.

To place your order you can call up the Multi Range team at: (02) 9773 0708 or 0416 398 555. Alternatively, you can fax us at (02) 9773 0678 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Sydney, Household Items, Compostable Garbage Bags - A Green Choice!Sydney, Household Items, Compostable Garbage Bags - A Green Choice!