Presenting LED vanity mirrors to reflect a beautiful you than ever before. Discover astounding tempo with your beauty and looks from this resounding combination of art and technology.

The LED VANITY MIRROR is an appealing product as it gives a modern outlook to your space. This piece of art has a soft light appearance which smoothly covers the ambience with a subdued posture. There is no eye straining or tiring. Hence these mirrors are the best gift to give someone or just put one in your place for a pretty experience!
Get the best of a deal

At LEDmyplace, you will never say no to the product you’ve loved because we bring in awesome discounted deals and a great shopping experience. Our range starts from $199.
You get an awesome mastered piece of 24x36 inch perfect for the bathroom with side supporting LED glow that comes from beneath the glass.

Then we also have 36x36 inch, 36x48 inch and other mirrors which have defogger and dimmer inbuilt. So no need to wash that moisture off every time!

Simply ask why

• Because you have a certified product at hand.
• Each product is energy efficient and certified by Energy Star.
• Reliable and long-lasting LEDs don’t need maintenance.
• Different options on size to choose from.
• Dimmer and defogger mirrors are also available.
• Product return within a specified period if you simply wish to return!

Energy Star Rated Product

This is an Energy Star rate product which means the product is actally environment friendly and free of hazardous metals like mercury, sodium etc. A small sticker of the Energy star rating will bear a number of stars. The more the stars, the greater the energy efficient the product is.

As Energy Star certification needs rigorous testing and performance pass to certify it thus, such items are specially rebate eligible. So you get paid for your contribution to the environment.

A Winning Deal!

• 30-day return policy
• Free shipping on $99
• 5-year warranty on most products
• Energy Star certification

Clearly, you will get more than you could expect!

United States, Appliances, USD 200 / GLORIFY YOUR LOOKS With Best Quality LED Vanity Mirror!