Forget those heavy round bulbs and tubes covering up space and adding that heating vapor to the atmosphere. Here comes an excellent source of positive lighting from the house of LEDmyplace.

The 2x2 Ceiling LED Panel Lights to mean quality lighting and nothing else…and you probably thought that HPS was the best.

Reasons to buy 2x2 LED Panel Light Dimmable Light:

2x2 LED Panel Light Dimmable - 4500 Lumens - 45 Watt - 200W Replacement - 5000 Kelvin - DLC - 5 Year Warranty

We have a good range of 2x2 LED flat panel lights for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. Our panels are very slim and sleek at 2x2 square size.

These lights have a color temperature of 5000K light glow with 4500 lumens. So why not replace your 150-200w fluorescent tube with this 45-watt panel light fixture and reduce your energy wastage by 75%?

Environment-friendly: Nontoxic so chemical free and also lead-free, completely safe to the environment so no carbon footprint.

Anti-glare light: Glare-free light even at high lumen output and a 120-degree beam angle for good illumination of wide spaces and big areas.

Unlimited lifespan: 50,000 Hours to be precise mean a lot to a bulb or panel. So a traditional light does not give more than 15,000-20,000 hours at the max.

Our LED panels are made into a very slim and sleek sheet of lighting which gives them an aesthetic look to the interiors without any dark spots. So just click the button and get accustomed to a whole new world of 2x2 led flat panel lights.

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United States, Electronics, USD 35 / Install 2x2 LED Flat Panel For Commercial And Residential Purposes