Owning a gym not only means that you need to take care of buying the latest machine equipment’s, in fact there are many other areas which needed to be taken care of and lighting is one among them. The lights installed inside the gym play a leading role in making the place look more beautiful and visible and among various lights, you can install LED High Bay lights especially when the height of the ceiling is more. Install 150W High Bay UFO LED Lights if the indoor ceiling height is 15ft- 25fts so that the customers can exercise in proper lighting.

How installing 150W High Bay UFO LED Lights are important?

• These lights are powerful than the traditional lights and upon successful installation of these lights, they can work for at least 50,000 hours.
• There will not be any lumen deprecation till the end of the light’s life.
• These lights produce 20098 lumens and replacing them with 400W of traditional ceiling light means more savings for your business.
• Also the color temperature is 4000K that will not look harsh at all, the beam angle of more than 120 degree is helpful to proper maximum lighting to all your customers.
• Since these lights are dimming lights, you can adjust the brightness of the lights according to the requirement.
• These lights are IP65 rated and will prevent themselves from moisture and dust.

So install these energy efficient 150W High Bay UFO LED Lights inside your gym that are also DLC approved and will give you additional benefits of getting rebates and incentives from the power companies as well.

For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/high-bay-ufo-led-150w-4000k

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