It is rightly said that health is wealth and to enjoy the best facilities we need to stay active by taking part in any kind of sports activities, as per our likings and interest. Many times while playing on the grounds or auditoriums, we are not able to give our hundred percent due to lack of proper lighting system which decreases our productivity. Hence we need to install the bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights as they are the best option among various others in lighting the outdoor space with utmost brightness.

For your reference, beneath we have mentioned one of the amazing High Power 240W LED Flood Lights that can surely double your gaming experience.

Here are some advantages of LED Flood Light 240W:

This outdoor LED flood light uses the most advanced form of lighting technology that can brighten the entire space, 32,000 lumens and color temperature of 5700k is enough to play outdoor games in a brighter way.

It is UL, DLC, CE and ROHS Approved and is best suitable to be used in wet areas as well.

Due to DLC certification, this outdoor LED flood light is eligible for the rebates from the majority of the electric companies.

Comes with a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer along with 24/7 phone support that can help a lot in solving all your inquiries on time. By using this 240 watts outdoor LED flood light, you can replace that metal halide light that consumes 1000 watts of power.

There are many designs and shapes available in the Outdoor LED Flood Lights and you can use them at various other places including supermarkets, convenience stores, parking lots, shops, street lights, hotels, motels, Advertisement Billboard, Landscape Yard, Park, Garden, Shopping Mall, etc.

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