If you own a warehouse or any other industrial unit whose ceiling height is up to 15 to 25 ft, then 150 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights is the best lighting option for the indoor ceiling. The importance of excellent and sharp brightness at the workplace a very important role in the functioning of the daily tasks.

Along with the homes, you can also install these 150 Watt LED High Bay UFO Lights at commercial and residential Places.

Below are the special features of high bay LED 150w UFO light:

The high bay LED 150w UFO light is a perfect replacement to those 400W MH fixtures that uses a lot of energy and power to offer much lower brightness to these high bay lights. By using these LEDs you can save almost 75% of the energy per fixture.

With the lumen output of 20,098 and Color Temperature of 5700K, it becomes the most preferred light to illuminate the indoor space.

The high bay LED 150w UFO can work amazingly superb for almost 50,000 hours, far more than those traditional metal halide lights that work just for a couple of days only.

With the dimmer option, you can enjoy the freedom to control the brightness with the dimer ranges from 0V to 10V.

The beam Angle of 120 Degree will cover a major portion of your area by illuminating it with utmost brightness. By installing high bay LED 150w UFO lights you can increase the safety of workers while working.

Comes with an IP65 rating making it perfect to bear the moisture and dust in addition to 5 years of warranty from the Manufacturer's side and 30-day return policy.

So use these high bay lights that come with zero maintenance cost, just get them installed in your factory, parking lot, warehouses, gyms, etc and enjoy the right level of brightness for more number of years.

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