With the latest up gradation in the LED lighting technology, people are getting a chance to use these lights at the indoor and outdoor places in a more energy efficient lighting way with an option to make great savings. Among various types of outdoor lights, you can install LED dusk to dawn lights that eco-friendly way of lighting the place, and among these lights LED Dusk Light Photocell is quite popular as with these lights you can make great savings by illuminating the gardens, streets, roads etc in a more bright full way.

Advantages of Using LED Dusk Light are as Beneath:

* The lumen output of these LED disk lights is more than the traditional lights, and if you install 55w LED dusk to dawn light that produces 6790 lumen, you can replace it with 250w MH lights.

* The color temperature of these lights is available in various different options so that you can choose the most preferred lights.

* These lights are dimmable lights whose dimming range can be adjusted as per the lighting need and requirements, also once purchased they can work for more than 50,000 hours as well.

* Since dusk light photocell have no hazardous waste materials present inside them, they are safe to use at the outdoor places.

* Also get 5 Years of manufacturer’s warranty on purchasing these energy efficient lights.

Make the best utilization of the technology by installing these LED dusk light at your commercial and residential buildings to have savings of more than 75% in your electricity bills.

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