The lights we install at the indoor commercial places are very helpful in making the environment more productive and the workers and employees working over there will feel delighted to work in a more visible and brighter way. For making the indoor offices more productive, you can install standard sized T8 8FT LED lights that will give profitable lighting results with great reductions in the monthly electricity bills as well.

Advantages of using T8 8ft LED tube are as follows:

• These bypass ballast T8 8FT LED tubesrequire a ballast bypass and they can be directly
wired into the socket for line voltage. Also to enjoy direct wiring of these tubes, you can
remove the ballast or bypass the ballast as well as per your comfort.

• All different sizes LED tubes including 2ft, 4ft or 8ft LED tubes as well, all will start instantly
with zero flickering and noise as well.
• These lights work for more than 50,000 hours or close to 5.7 years which is much more than
the traditional lights, also the ultra-wide beam angle of these lights will allow every employee
sitting at the corner as well to work more efficiently.
• The lumen output of these 8ft 48w LED lights is 5800 lumens and in case you replace them
with 120w of lights, you will make more savings.
• You will be given 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer on buying these lights in addition
to 24/7 web support as well.

So opt the best way to lighten the indoor commercial and residential places by installing these T8 8ft LED tubes that can work for greater number of years without polluting the environment as well.

Dallas, Electronics, USD 19 / Install Standard Sized T8 8FT LED Tubes Inside Offices