Good news for working woman's **
Fatima's world daycare is there to help all the working woman in fullfiling their responsibilities and doing theri job without being worried about their kids we admits kids from one month onwards

Working woman who have odd timings no need to worry now you can drop your kids any time from 6 early morning till 12 in the night timing is not an issue with us
You can drop your kids with us on hourly bases or per day bases even on the weekends if you have go for any important work like hospital beauty salon etc or to attend any gathering where you can not take your kids with you we have a lot indoor and outdoor activities to give your kid's healthy and friendly environment so that they can feel like home your kids will be taken care in a very professional and motherly manner we charge 30 riyals per hour and 60 riyals for 3 hours and 80 riyals whole day monthly package will depend on the age of your child and number of hours you need everyday in azizia near Pakistani International School....

Home schooling for those student who cannot go to school financial problems or any other problems

activities creative writing learning colours numbers shapes and alphabet exploring colours with paint Islamic Studies timings 8 :00-12 morning
1:00 -4:00 afternoon
6:00-900 evening
Admission open for pre school and here we prepare students for admission test kg1 kg2 kg3 available very affordable fee children who can not going school they contact us we provide proper syllabus british curriulam........... 056 074 7064
Jeddah, Nursery Schools, Fatima daycareJeddah, Nursery Schools, Fatima daycareJeddah, Nursery Schools, Fatima daycareJeddah, Nursery Schools, Fatima daycare