Why LED Solar Light is known to be a light of the future? We all know how lighting is becoming an important part of our daily lives. We would never imagine a day without lighting and that would never happen for even a day, we offer you LED SOLAR LIGHTS a lighting fixture design to provide you illumination of your desire without harming our environment.

These LED Solar Lights are the best replacement for your metal-halide and a sodium-vapor lighting fixture. While installing these Solar lights leads you to save 100% on energy means you don't have to pay that heavy energy-bills anymore. Not only energy-efficiency these solar would never compromise with the brightness and offers you a 5700K of color temperature emits day-white-light.

Here are some salient features of LED SOLAR LIGHTS :

● Easy installation
● Long Life
● Instant-On
● 5700K Color Temperature
● 100% energy-saving
● Energy-efficiency
● High CRI>80+
● 50,000 hours of life efficiency
● IP67-rated water and dust-proof
● Low Maintenance cost
● Inbuilt surge protection

These LED Solar Lights are consists of lithium battery, which is having a lifetime of 1000 cycle and in comparison to any other battery, it can last in an extreme temperature condition and does not discharge quickly.

United States, Electronics, USD 199 / Bring Home LED Solar Light to Brighten Your Future