You can’t enjoy the nightlife to the fullest if the streets you want to go don’t have sufficient lights thus posing a threat on your and the safety of your loved ones. Hence it is important to glorify the streets with proper lights which can be achieved by using the LED pole lights. Today there are various designs in pole lights and one among them is a 300w LED Pole Lights that can provide maximum visibility.

Benefits of using 300w LED Pole Lights are as beneath:

These 300w LED Pole Lights can start instantly with no noise or flickering which can distract people from enjoying night lives.
The lumen produced by these pole lights is 40,000 along with the color temperature of 5700K, you can replace an MH light of up to 1000w with this 300w LED Pole Lights and can save the precious fuel.
The in-built designed Heat will keep these lights cooler even if used for the long run; the average lifespan of these pole lights is almost 50,000 hours with very low maintenance cost attached to them.
No RF interference.
Comes with a wider beam angle of 150x85° that cover the huge portion of the street or highways where they are installed.

So use the LEDMyplace 300w LED Pole Lights that come with Photocell Sensor and are UL, CUL, DLC, CE, and ROHS approved thus making your investment more economical and wiser.
United States, Appliances, USD 235 / 300w LED Pole Lights -- The Ultimate For Safety & Security!