Installing lights in the parks not only improve the safety and security of the place but also prove to the business's assets which help in reflecting the environment and design in a better way. And for the same purpose, there is no better option than the LED pole lights that can brighten the environment along with significant reductions in the energy costs. A 300w LED pole light is perfect to install in the parks to give the residents a better way to relax comfortably.

Advantages of installing a 300w LED pole light are as follows:

-> These 300w LED pole lights are easy to install and are suitable for all kinds of poles including round and square along with the flexibility to adjust the head accordingly.
-> These pole lights start instantly without producing any noise or flickering, also these outdoor lights are IP 65 rated that can make them enough durable to withstand all kind of weathers.
-> The designed heat-sink keep these photocell enabled LED pole lights cool and safer to use.
-> The lumen output of these 300w LED pole lights is 39514 with color temperature of 5700K.
-> You can make up to 80% power savings by using these LEDs against the conventional metal halide or sodium lights.
-> Are made up of 100% eco-friendly products.

So from both the economic point of view and lighting performance standpoint, the LED lighting technology is far better than the traditional HID lamps and can reduce the maintenance burden along with increasing the performance which is beneficial for the patrons.
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