As the name suggests, these Dusk to Dawn Yard Lights are best designed for the retrofit or new construction applications in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. These lights can serve the lighting purpose in the best possible way and can allow you to save your electricity bills by almost 80%. You can use a 55w Dusk to dawn LED light at your commercial or residential places and can experience a noticeable lighting difference.

Advantages of using a 55w Dusk to dawn LED light are as follows:

-> According to the lights reaching the fixture, these 55w Dusk to Dawn LED lights that are sensor enabled gets automatically triggered and will Auto On at night and auto off during the Daytime.
-> These light weight that are made up of die-cast aluminum housing comes with multiple mounting options so ease the installing process.
-> You can use these 55w dusk to dawn LED lights for a period of not less than 50,000 hours with very little luminosity decay.
-> The in-built Heat-sink provides amazing heat dissipation and makes a reduction in your monthly electricity bills by almost 80%.
-> Contain no lead, mercury or other contaminants that can pollute the environment.

So give yourself a freedom by turning the lights on and off which is a time consuming process and sometimes you end up turning the lights off which increases your monthly utility bills significantly. Go hand in hand with technology and use the most advanced lighting for your lighting purposes.

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