Many a times while showing our performance on the stage, we are not able to deliver the best results due to the absence of proper lights inside the auditorium which demotivates us to perform with full passion. There we can use high bay LED UFO lights as they are especially designed to produce the right amount of brightness required at the right place.
If the height of the ceiling is between 20-30 ft, you can use high bay LED UFO light 240w to let the audience witness an amazing performance by the contestants.

Advantages of using high bay LED UFO light 240w inside the auditorium as follows:

• Lack of proper lights inside the auditorium can result in poor performance of the contestants but by installing high bay LED UFO lights 240w you can assure best performance of the participants. The elegant designed high bay LED light produces 31,231 lumens with lumen efficiency of 130 lumens per watt with color temperature of 5700K.

• The lifespan of these high bay LED lights is up to 50,000 hours with veryless lumen deprecation till the end of the lifespan.
The beam angle of 120 Degree in high bay LED UFO lights 240w will cater to a larger and wider area that lighting those extreme corners as well where other normal lights could not reach.

• The high bay LED UFO lights 240w comes with a dimmable option as well with the dimmable option ranging from 10 volts to 0 volts, where 0V means the minimum light level that can be achieved and 10V is the highest level of dimming allowed by the dimmer.

•Also these lights come with IP65 Waterproof rating will protect the lights from dust tight and moisture coming from all directions.

So replace those normal lights that are placed inside the auditorium with these smart high bay UFO lights so that the participants can perform in a more energetic way and audience can also motivate the winning team.

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