Being a part of LEDMyplace’ commercial line of products, 2Ft 165 Watt LED Linear High Bay Lighting is capable of providing the best lighting inside the commercial space with 21,450 high lumen output. Ideal for indoor warehouse or any commercial space with a ceiling height of 15ft. - 25ft. The clear cover helps it become more efficient with brightness. It can be easily mounted on the ceiling of any indoor commercial space, Its high efficiency and durability make it easy to handle and it requires zero variable maintenance cost.


A replacement to 400W MH fixture, the LED 165W Linear High Bay Clear fixture helps save worth 180W per fixture. A commercial unit requires a lot of these fixtures, so just calculate your savings.Available Color Temperature is 4000K which makes it an ideal color temperature for indoor commercial space.With a lumen output of 21,450 Lumens and Lumen Efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt, LEDMyplace’ Linear High Bay will bring in more brightness than any other light of some kind.