We all love to make ourselves look more beautiful and glowing and for the same we prefer going to the beauty parlours to have that glowing skin that can motivate our confident manifolds. In addition to the beautician services, we also look for the ambience and prefer visiting those parlours only that have proper and sufficient lights so that the makeup and other services can be given in a more enhanced way. Install LED lights that will make the surrounding more visible and will increase the number of customers also, install 4ft T8 LED Single End Power Tubes that are energy-efficient lights then the traditional ones.

Other advantages of installing 4FT 18w T8 LED single end power tubes are as follows:

These lights have ultra-wide beam angle of greater than 220 degree and is useful in lighting huge spaces in a broader way, you can easily install these ballast bypass LED tubes as there is no need of complex wiring.
Get 3 years of hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer’s side on buying these UL certified lights, also the lumen output of these 4ft 18w LED tube lights is 1800 lumens and they can be replaced with 50w of traditional lights.
The lifespan of these LED tubes is more than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years and can be used even 24 hours in a day as well.
Moreover, these lights don’t contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead or other harmful substances inside them which can affect the environment and humans’ health as well.

So make the parlours look more beautiful from inside as well by installing T8 LED single end power tubes, so that more number of customers visit your outlet thus increasing the overall business as well.

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