We need proper lights at the outer places and lacking in it can result in major accidents or mishappenings. Due to the increased air pollution, we can’t use those form of lights that emit harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead that can make the environment riskier. Hence to ensure a safer and cleaner environment, you can use 55w dusk to dawn LED pole light that produces maximum light rays at the least possible cost.
Benefits of using 55w Dusk to Dawn LED pole light are as follows:
These 55W Dusk to Dawn LED Pole Lights comes with UL and DLC certification in addition to IP65 rated that make these lights perfect for all kinds of weathers.
The look of this dusk to dawn lights produces maximum brightness due to its attractive modern design.
Once installed, you can use these lights for a period of at least 50,000 hours and that too with significant reductions in the monthly utility bills. This 55w dusk to dawn LED pole light produces 7000 lumens and it's color temperature is 5700K.
The in-built heat sink keeps these LED pole lights much cooler even if kept on for a longer period of time.
The use of ultra-wide angled polycarbonate optics delivers high application efficacy a uniformity which is very important for the wider areas and spaces.
LEDMyplace 55w Dusk to dawn LED Pole Light is Photocell Sensor and further helps in making more savings. So use these pole lights at the roadsides, highways, parks among many other places and enjoy a safer environment
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