After working harder we all want to relax and spend our evenings in a delighted way, and to make it more happening we can use LED pole lights so that the citizens can enjoy late night outings in a better way. These pole lights are designed to increase the safety in addition to making the ambience more versatile. A 300W LED pole light is the best way to increase the brightness at the outer places.

Beneath are some of the other benefits of using 300W LED pole lights:

-> These 300W LED pole lights have photocell sensor that will turn the lights on and off automatically. Replace a 1000 Watt light with this 300W pole light and make energy savings by almost 80%.
-> Use these lights instantly without waiting for long to turn them on.
-> These black colored 300W LED pole lights are environmental friendly lights and are free from all kind of contaminants.
-> Comes with IP 65 rating making it best suited for wet locations and bug-free as well in addition to DLC certification.
-> The lumen output of these 300W LED pole lights is almost 40,000 with color temperature of 5700K making it perfect for the outdoor security purposes.

Upgrade to these eco-smart LED pole lights to make the streets more safe and protected; save more energy in addition to low maintenance and replacement costs which is very high in the normal street lights.

For More Info:
United States, Appliances, USD 225 / Upgrade to 300W LED Pole Lights to Enjoy Late Night Outings