Are you searching for a keystone wall plate inserts? Come to 3 Star Inc, we are trusted and verified seller of telecommunication component used for setting up a robust infrastructure. Keystone wall plate insert is one of the most popular products used in residential and business environments. The system consists of single, dual or multiple ports on a module face plate to which jacks are mounted, it helps in installation of jacks and connectors required for voice, data, audio, video, fiber optic transmission. Keystone wall plate insert is a standardized snap-in package for mounting; you can mount a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks as TV, LAN, Phone, Data, BNC, RCA or optical connectors to it. The standard rectangular size gives added advantage and help to hold it in place with a flexible tab. One can easily change and replace wall plate, regardless of type of jack connected to it. Order this keystone wall plate for installation in home and office.

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