The T8 4ft LED tube offered by LEDMyPlace is a great replacement to your 4ft fluorescent tube of T8, T10 or T12 kinds. This LED tube beats the fluorescent tube in many number of ways, some of which are - energy-efficiency, maintenance requirement, thermal management etc. This tube is ideal from the perspective of installation as it’s available in ballast-compatible form, ballast-bypass form, and last but not the least, hybrid form (where it can work with or without the ballast -- good for cases where you can run this 4FT LED Tube in ballast-compatible form as long as the ballast is in good condition, but remove the ballast if it fails).

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The Benefits Offered By 4ft 18W LED Tube 6500K

• One of the greatest benefits is - there is no delay in starting up of the tube - gets immediately turned On, when the switch is turned On. Also, the light does not flicker unlike what you observe in case of fluorescent tube.
• It can stay in operation for long and that’s because it does not get heated up too soon like the fluorescent tubes.
• Your costs (inclusive of tube replacement and the cost of installation) are negligible. Why? Because, the tube provides excellent service life for as long as 50,000 hours or in other words, 5-6 years.

Last but not the least, the CCT of 6500K (cool white light) is great from the purpose of task lighting in any indoor workspace. The applications of this 4ft LED tube are -- malls, airports, schools, hospitals, warehouses etc.

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