One of the greatest benefits of LED integrated tube is it’s quite easy to install since it comes along with fixture and therefore no complex wiring involved. You just need to remove the previously existing fixture and fix in that place.

This 4ft LED Integrated Tube Light doesn’t require any ballast to stay in operation because of an internal driver. This tube is meant for both ceiling and wall mounting.

The following are some of the advantages of a 4ft LED integrated Tube:

This 4ft LED integrated tube comes with an internal heat-sink for maximum heat dissipation. This lets the lamp and the fixture stay in operation for a far longer duration than what you get from any traditional tube.

You observe no flickering or humming when using this tube. You observe flicker in fluorescent tubes primarily due to two reasons. One, presence of poor ballast which is responsible for regulating current supply. Two, the fluorescent gets turned On only when it gets sufficiently warmed up and so if the air around the lamp is cool, it simply won’t get turned On.

In extreme contrast with fluorescent tubes, this 4ft LED integrated tube requires low or no maintenance. And, this is because there is no lumen degradation unlike what you get to see in traditional tubes.

As much as 50% loss may be observed in the case of fluorescent tubes but not more than 5% in LED integrated tubes when nearing the lifespan. This brings down your maintenance costs to a minimum for any LED integrated tube.

In a nutshell, you can not have a better product than a 4ft LED integrated tube when you need to be connecting tubes in series with easy plug and play.

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