Are you still using fluorescent tubes and tired to pay dollars on lighting bills? Then it is the right time to switch with T8 4ft 18W LED Tube . With the smart LED light, you would be able to save energy and money on lighting bill. Most of you using fluorescent tubes just because of the ballast, but this LED tube would be suitable with the ballast as well. This single ended tube would be easy to install and doesn’t high maintenance for the long durability.

This tube has more benefits than a fluorescent tube. With the bright light and long operational hours, make this tube durable for the residential space as well.

Topmost features of T8 4ft 18W LED Tube

• Easy to install (Ballast Bypass)
• 50,000 lifespan
• 1800 lumen output
• 220-degree an ultra wide beam angle
• 80+ color rendering index
• Instant on and doesn’t make any weird sound
• 3 years warranty with the 30 days of the return policy
• Ul and DLC certified

This 18W LED tube could easily replace a 50W fluorescent tube without compromising in the lighting output. With the cool white lighting output, this tube brightens up space far better than the fluorescent tube, than, what are you waiting for? Switch to smart LED Tube and start saving money without compromising lighting output.