My name is Sakthivel, I am currently living in Chennai New Perungalathur. I have a farmland near Tindivanam, 96 kilometers from Chennai Tambaram. I want to do natural agriculture. Natural agriculture requires immediate need for those who want to invest in full confidence. In the 6 to 9 months, you can take back the investment.
I have given full details of natural agriculture / income. If you want to read and understand and want to invest, you can contact immediately.9790891578
Natural agriculture:
Integrated natural agri-farming, which provides sustainable and reliable income in a very low investment:-
Action -
• From the 21st day, spinach cultivation gives daily returns.
• From 60th day, vegetable cultivation can provide daily revenue.
• From the 150th day, the weekly sale of chickens will be revenue.
• From the 180th day, the weekly sales of goat farming.
• In rainwater harvesting, everything is fisheries.
Cost of production / farming, Cost of transport / sales, Workers' monthly salary / other expenses, Fair profit - calculating the total costs and fixing the same price throughout the year. Selling directly without any intermediaries.
Membership home directly from the garden.
A bunch of Greens – Rs, 15/- One kilo vegetable – Rs, 18/-
One kilo chicken Rs, 180/- One kilo goat Rs, 450/-

In both places agricultural land is ready, so there is no need to invest in land.
First start: Combining 300 members only first.
The initial investment for this project at Rs, 3,00,000/-

Production / Cultivate details :-
1.Keerai Thottam:-
It only produces all the greens that everyone loves.
Daily from all greens 300 pack, which are available regularly.
Daily 300 Greens x 30 days (1-month ) = 9000 pack Cultivation.
( The area required for the cultivation of a 1-pack is 3 square feet.)

2.Production of vegetables:-
Cultivating in all vegetables in our place.
need for One members is a 1.2 kg vegetable daily so 360 kg of vegetables cultivate for daily 300 member household ( The space required is 2 acres )

3.Nattu kozhikal valarppu:-
Buying quality nattu kozhi eggs from the village , Breeding in incubator. Developing up to 150 days and then selling good weight. ( 1-1.5Kg ).
Weekly 150 chickens sold, 600 chickens in a month (4 weeks).

4.Goat farming:-( Thalaicherry- Boyer cross )
Buying standard goats weighing 8 to 10kg. Developing up to 20 to 25 kg of weight. Then selling goat ( This may require 180 days )
weekly 150 kg of goat sold , 600 kgs goat sales in every month.

A monthly sales note:-
1.Spinach production:-
Daily 300 pack x 30 days = 9000 pack x Rs,15/- 1,35,000
2.vegetable production :-
Daily 360 kg x 30days = 10800 kgs x Rs, 18/- 1,94,400
3.nattukozhi breeding :-
Weekly 150nos x 4 weeks = 600 nos x Rs,180/- (per kg ) 1,08,000
4.Goat breeding :-
Weekly 150 kgs x 4 weeks = 600 kgs x Rs, 450/- (per kg ) 2,70,000
Total sales amount - …….. 7,07,400
Less ; eggs and goat kids purchase cost (15,000/- + 90,000/- ) 1,05,000

Net sales amount ;- 6,02,400
Profitability available ( @25% = 1,50,000/-