I am a professional IT consultant working for a multinational firm. I am in the process of starting my own IT company. To maximize my capital before i finally plunge in, I have started offering my services as a freelance consultant for SMBs, individuals and enthusiasts for smart home and home automation setups. I would be helping my clients in discovering potential applications , and in buying and setting up smart home and automation products and services including security and surveillance systems, lighting and appliances, Smart home networking and computing, voice assistants, automating workflows and routines etc. I will be charging my services on an hourly basis and will decide and negotiate the flat rate after assessing scope of work. Initial Site survey would cost 400SR for 2 hrs and would be discounted and factored in to the total fees if you decide to avail my services. Please whatsapp only during working hours 10AM to 6PM AST. Please include keyword " AutoSmart " for attention.