If an employee is injured while in the course of their duties, employers are typically liable for their medical expenses – even if the employee acted negligently.

In Hong Kong, you’re required by law to carry employer’s compensation insurance to pay for any illnesses or injuries your employees sustain while on the job. This includes regular business employees but also part-time employees, seasonal workers, family members, contractors, apprentices, and even domestic helpers.

This insurance makes sure that employees that are injured on the job are adequately compensated for their medical bills, disability, loss wages, etc. When an employee suffers a work-related injury, the employer must report it to the Commissioner for Labour and the insurer. Employers should also keep detailed records of the event and any compensation provided.

If your business employs less than 200 people, you need to carry a minimum limit of HK$100 million. If you employ more than 200 employees, you need at least HK$200 million but employers are encouraged to buy more depending on the type of business operations performed by employees.

According to the EC ordinance, employers are not able to bill employees for the cost of this insurance. Penalties for not having the proper insurance in place could be up to HK$100,000 and two (2) years imprisonment.

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