Edukids -Daycare & Preschool - Well maintained

تعليم الاطفال المبكر في مرحلة قبل الدراسة والرعاية اليومية.
اجعلي طفلك الصغير ينمي مرحلة طفولته المثمرة بالتعلم معنا في مدرسة المرحلة التمهيدية والرعاية اليومية
واجعلي التعليم المبكر قدما في متناول يديك
شارع الكوادر قرب بندة حي الازدهار مخرج ٧/٨

If your child's SAFETY, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT and COMPANY OF DECENT KIDS is the main concern, then you have come to the right place! Your child deserves the BEST ENVIRONMENT while you are at work.


EduKids is a learning family Preschool and Daycare under a highly qualified and certified Educationist who have 14 years of international experience in Education profession, worked in Riyadh's top international schools(British/American).

It is our goal to provide children with warm, caring, loving, clean, hygienic, safe and stimulating environment with an integrated curriculum(American / Montessori / Creative).

We assure you that as parents you will be contended by investing in a head start to early education of your child at EduKids. It's a place where your kids would love to learn and play.

Features :

* A warm, nurturing, safe, clean, hygienic environment for kids to grow healthy and happy.

* A spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated space

* Furniture safely affixed and low enough for kids to access easily

* We prepare kids for formal school environment while kids enjoy their childhood to the fullest in our place

* Organizing EVENTS to provide kids a platform to showcase their talents and get first hand experience as well.

* Integrated curriculum for pre preschoolers to learn concepts of English Language, Math, Science, Arabic, Art and Etiquette

* Developing a child's language skills and making him/her learn and speak English language fluently is our prime focus.

Working mothers can carry on with their jobs without a bit of worry of their kids. In sha Allah. They are in safe hands.

Our programs:

1. Preschool program-1
Age: 2.5-4 years
=> 9.00am - 12.00noon

Timings 8.00am-5.00pm
Age: 2years to 7 years

Admissions ON for 2019-2020. Limited seats available. Book today!

Contact on Phone/ Whatsapp: 0547955292