Looking For Wealthy Investors For New Business Formations / Setups ...

Hi, I am Abizer, a man of Pakistani origin... born, brought up &
based in Tanzania - East Africa

I am looking for potential investors who would finance me into
profitable business ventures .. and be my business partner as well ..

These business ventures are as follows from (1) to (3), each one of
them depending on the amount of investment available, and keen
interest of the investor in that particular business venture :-

[1] Construction, Property Development & Real Estate Business
[2] Hardware + Sanitary Ware & Tiles + Electric Goods Business
[3] Electronic Goods + Kitchenware + Home Appliances Business

So if you are interested in investing in these business ventures,
and a possible future business collaboration may kindly contact me
via email for more details & information..!

You may also like to communicate with me "live" ! So why not get in
touch with me via Whatsapp... or call me directly on my personal
mobile number : +255 782 745 245 hmmm ?

Thank you and wishing you a nice day ahead, and looking forward
to hear from you soon !

With Warm Wishes
Sincerely Yours