Bachelor of Engineering -13 years’ Experience in Middle East – “Project & Logistics Head

13 years Experience in Middle East .....


 Operating system Windows 10
 Office skills 2016
 Project management
 Strong verbal communication
 Risk management processes and analysis
 Team leadership
 Self-motivated
 Time management
 Planning skills
 Process implementation
 Conflict resolution
 Staff development
 Data management
 Organization skills
 Use people management and scheduling skills to maintain proper flow of project
 activities
 Positive Attitude with Decision Making Skills.
 Excellent people management and organizational skills.
 Excellent Knowledge In working level import and export materials.
 Client assessment and analysis
 Managerial skills
 Numeracy skills
 IT skills
 Quality management skills
 Working with different sections department with Knowledge.
Engineering, Estimation, Quality, Project, Production, Coating, Warehouse, Purchasing, Traffic, Transportation.

Work History


April 2009 to Current

Project & Logistics HEAD / Material Management

Project Responsibilities: Projects Focused on Steel Fabrication and supply of materials

 Assure and control work quality based on approved specifications & drawings.
 Prepare Bill of Quantity with unit price of each project. (Deliverable item).
 Prepare Sales order, Job Estimation, Job opening, job material request, Fabrication order, Job Delivery Report, Sales Invoice in Orion system.
Coordinate with Finance department, Purchase, warehouse, required any technical related or contract document & related other correspondences submit to Finance.
 Prepare planning sheet for delivery material as achieve weekly and monthly Target.
 Project schedule and plan will be maintained & intimate to production to follow and to deliver the material to site for erection/installation.
 Assist in resourcing the project team and establishing roles and responsibilities.
 Attend internal and client meetings for facilitating the project.
 Coordination between Engineering, Production, coating, Project department.
 Manage filing – electronic, paper-based and archiving.
 Monthly invoicing & schedule to be follow as per load in production and availability materials.
 As per production schedule to following delivery material daily basis or weekly to achieve our target value.
 Coordinate and material delivery to Installation Department.
 Conduct weekly meeting to discuss about Material ongoing project needs and to faster the action of all corresponding departments. (Warehouse /Purchase).
 Knowledge of Procurement of Material, Expediting, Billing, Comparative Statement, Budgeting, Documentation, Negotiation with vendors, Vendor Management.
 Material request process receives of MR / FO from engineering through Contracts Department
 Approves and verifies purchase requisition (PR)released
 Coordinates with engineering and contracts for MR /FO clarification and /item discrepancy
 Maintains stock level and inventory of standard item
 Finalizes and verifies stock order for both local and foreign procurement
 Material control sheet will be maintained continuously to study the delivery of all project materials & status of all projects.
 Follow up with outsourced materials for surface coating & galvanizing Production, Warehouse, and Procurement Department.
 Strategic Marketing, planning and budgeting.
 Organizing shipments.
 Conducts final verification and approval confirmation of system GRN
 Handles final verification and confirmation of system stock adjustment
 Handles final verification and review of Fo against released MR / Reserved material and pervious balance
 Prepare material issuance slip against FO / MR
 Performed and managed customer service operations
 The Finished Goods are delivered, after get approval from (QA/QC) Department.
 Arrange heavy trucks/trailer from the approved transportations company to deliver the scheduled materials to the site. All over Middle East countries.
 Transport planning, Cost Control system.
 Developed processes to enable suppliers to identify problems in their production
 schedule to improve on-time shipping and reduce problems with planning
 Ensure premises, assets and communication ways are used effectively.
 Handling delivery all the shipment to Saudi Arabia & Middle East.
 Organized all import and export documentation for goods and prepare schedules for shipments
 Work on new supply strategies.
 Communicate with suppliers, retailers, customers etc. to achieve profitable deals and mutual satisfaction.
 Plan and track the shipment of final products according to customer requirements.
 Prepare accurate reports for upper management.
 Consistent performer with a strong track record, positive attitude, with ability to handle
 assignments under high pressure.