Get 100% ownership of company (S.P.C/W.L.L/Partnership) @ affordable price + Com.Address

We are registered as professional bodies in MOIC of bahrain

with over five years in Bahrain, we provide services for setting up a business under W.L.L and S.P.C,Partnership Listed below are the services related to the Company formation & Business Setup.

*Initial Approval from Ministry of commerce regarding Name & Activity & security clearance From Immigration
*Designing an AutoCAD measurement for restaurant, salon, to get Ministry of Health approval
Company license registration
*Article of Association

Our Consultancy Fees Including also the Following :
* Free Stamp & 10 page Formal Paper
* Free Guidance For Opening Under formation bank Account for the company
* Free service for opening LMRA Account
* Free service for Applying for Investor Visa
* Providing Free template for Worker and staff

We Offer Commercial Address Total BD 200 for the period of 2 Month only, Rate BD 100 Per month

Please contact us on :
WhatsApp/Call 33669945
Fix Line : 17178175
Email : [email protected]
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