(NEW) FREE ERP Accounting Software with “VAT” Calculated automatically for your HR office

Our (FREE) ERP Accounting Software has VAT calculated automaticlly to make the Bahrain VAT transition easy for your new or old company.

Our IT office knows that all companies were not ready for the Bahrains VAT shift. So we are here to solve your IT and HR Accounting office problems.

We have created a automated VAT % section that will calculate VAT everytime you input your normal Accounting information. Our software can be remote connected to from iCloud. You tell us what you need on your accounting software and we will specially add what you want only to make our software what you need only.

When you get the Corperate edition, you can get login accounts for all your HR office employees.

Make your Accounting or HR office faster and more efficient with our now Software this new year 2020.

(This deal is for companies that use any of our Business or accounting services)

For Free ERP Software call

Mr. Jay at 33454177