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Founded in early 2013, Meiya Diamonds is one of the earliest diamond upstairs stores in Hong Kong. Its service aim is to become the most trusted diamond jewelry expert, so we attach great importance to every aspect, including price, reputation, expertise and service. Attitude, to achieve perfection. In order to reassure the guests, the usual practice of the company is to put the GIA diamond price online and open it to the guests, which greatly increases the transparency and the extremely low profit, which breaks the diamond's long-standing business model. Our philosophy and mission is to enable all our customers to purchase high-quality, favorite diamonds at the most reasonable price.
The import of diamonds from Meiya Diamonds originates from the largest stone embryos and cutters in the world. The cost is lower than that of ordinary diamond wholesalers, and the price is closer to the cost. Because we adhere to the principle of small profits but quick turnover, the price of diamonds of the sleek diamonds is often lower than that of the general upstairs shops and online stores.
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