We are offering the very good and nice application to enhance your paper menu to the digital menu on touch screen tablet which can put digital beauty in your restaurant and coffee shop.

Price is less then paper menu designing and printing, further you can save a cost on you any changes in your paper menu.

1. Easy Getting Started
The management interface is very simple and requires no training. The updates of the map are instantaneous.

2. Customize-able Design
The graphic charter is fully customize able: logo, home page, background, color and font.

3. Multilingual
Presentation of your card in 12 languages. The description of the dishes can be translated automatically thanks to our tools including Arabic Language.

4. Support 7/7
A support team to help you as soon as you need it. We provide on-site intervention when needed.

Communicate about your events, services and sponsors. You can add dynamic content (tripadvisor, weather, tourism ....).

6. Order management
Order taking is optional, you can send customer orders to multiple printers (in the box and in the kitchen

7. Offline mode (offline)
In case of wifi connection problem, your menu continues to display because the data is stored on each tablet.

8. Printed paper
You can print your menu directly from the management interface (for the outside menu door).

For further details feel free to contact us

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