GO-KIDS Kindergarten & Daycare(Morning&Evening shift Available)

Welcome to Go-kid’s kindergarten.

We know that finding the right Early Childhood Educational program for your little one is a very important and often a challenging decision to make. We also understand that it is of utmost importance that you feel secure in knowing that your child’s emotional, social, developmental and physical needs will be met when leaving your little one(s) in the care of others. With that in mind, Go – Kid’s smart education program has been developed and is designed to take into considerations all your concerns and to ensure that you will have total trust in the care your child will receive. In order to meet these goals we have in place an age-appropriate educational curriculum, highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art &indoor playing equipment’s, the highest standards of cleanliness, and an open communication with parents. We are excited to be able to offer a program that will:
❖ Our smart educational programs are based on each class
-Nursey, Lkg, Ukg, Class-1, Class-2 & Class3…
1st Morning shift start from 7;30am to 11;30am-
2nd Evening shift start from 4;30;pm to 7;30pm