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Yemen has the lowest access rate to electricity (i.e. 40 percent of the population) compared to the regional rate of around 85 percent. Inequalities in terms access to electricity exists among rural and urban households. Although rural accounts for about 75 percent of population, only around 23 percent have access to electricity compared with about 85 percent of urban population. Despite the low access rate of electricity, only about one-half of those populations are connected to public grid, and the other one-half gain access through other private sources   including diesel generators which usually operate for few hours for lightening, and less-intensive electric appliances. Alternative lighting devices are being used by non-grid electrified rural households including kerosene Lamps (about 67 percent) and Lequified  Petroleum Gas (LPG) Lamps (about 5 percent) which have serious environmental impacts. On the other hand, renewable energy share is estimated about 0.009 percent of the total energy mix.
Green Power and Renewable Energy in Yemen
Yemen, a country located at southern east of the Arabian Peninsula, it's an  arid and semi-arid country with interior high mountains, upland desert, and long semi-desert coastal plain across the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. The country is characterized by hot and clear weather. Temperatures are generally very high, particularly in the coastal and desert areas. Geographically, Yemen is located in the Sunbelt area of the world. It is endowed with solar energy radiation ranges between 6.8–5.2kWh/m2 per day and annual average of daily sunshine ranges between 7.3 and 9.1 hours/day. Even in winter, the daily average of sunshine hours is estimated of about more than 8 hours per day. a few research studies have been done to explore the potentiality of RE resources examined the feasibility of introducing a PV/Wind/Diesel/Battery HPS in Sana’a and Aden. Authors found that Wind/Diesel/Battery could be the best scenario for implementation in both cities
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