Looking for business partner In Kochi/Kerala

Hello ,

I am business man who has some struggle to run the business in the period of COVID ,but i was reasonably doing good before COVID.Currently i am into lead generation business through digital platforms (Digital enabled marketing ,B2B) primarily doing business in US and Europe markets ,but like many my business is down as the countries are significantly got effected by COVID so looking for business partner who are already into business and have a team with computer skills.

Following are my business strengths :

1) Qualified finance professional (CMA ) and been into senior positions (Business controlling ) in fortune 500 MNCs for more than 10 Years and has business exposure for about 4 years.
2)Have a inhouse developed strong process on the lead generation for all most any products which has a higher reach than many in the industry (will work mostly in US/CA,Europe,Autralia ,Middle east etc).
3)My company has an entity in USA and in India.
4)Have a team for the marketing and lead gen (I had reasonably big team and slashed down due to lower business. ) but can train a new team as the process is developed by myself
5) Have expertise in the lead gen/Digital marketing /Database industry and
6)Have very good communication,managerial and administration skills.
7)have knowledge on software development as i understand the process and requirements better (but don't know programming )
8) Out of the box thinker and good in developing new ideas ,processes and concepts.
9) Been in Bangalore for a very longer time by which i have business roots in Bangalore and in Kochi.

What i am looking for :

1) Somebody already in into IT/ITES/Digital marketing /Database /Leadgen business who has a team who are flexible to work in any domain.
2)Who has manpower in excess due to COVID or otherwise who has computer skills.
3)Have an office in Kochi or Bangalore or near to Kochi (or work from home facility) with internet facility.
4)Apparently no further investment is required.
5)Who are interested in overseas business. (As more profitable )

Other points to note/Business model :

1) Looking for profit share only from the business i am bringing in but by utilizing my team and partner's team + my expertise and partner's expertise.
2)Can get into a long lasting business relationship if everything is going fine.
3)I am open to partner with software companies or partner's business also if we are confident on execution of small projects with efficiency. (As our lead gen can enable us to crack small orders,big orders are possible if we can invest some money in digital marketing )
4)Have a great business model idea with me which can be launched with lesser or nil investment if we have a capable team (Optional and long run objective).
5) No further investment is required if you have the facilities i have plotted above (but partner has to take care of the current business expenses,so similarly i will take care of my current team expenses)

And many more things to discuss on direct interaction.

Looking for loyal and honest partners who are open for change and has sense of winning together.

Waiting to see some exciting people and some good business contacts so give a try. (A good friend is equal to 100 books. )
Please Whatsapp me @ 06366351235