Required SAR 25000 In Online Electronic Stores Profit 4K To 5000 Monthly After 2 Months

Hello Everyone,

Those who are interested and want some no loss profits insha Allah, by investing in some real physical goods online sales business in Online ECommerce Stores, Please read below, thank you

I have presently 9 online stores and Need SAR 25,000/- for some pending woks on them and these works will be covered at most in a month time once i can have the required investment, and the stores will be launched for selling products to customers in 40 countries, All products are Top Class and from Top and Trusted Suppliers in China, Russia, USA.

Profit will be between SAR 4000/- To SAR 5000/- Monthly once sales start ( Example SAR 5000/- Profit = US Dollar $1334/-)

You can provide the required money for as little as 8 Months.or 10 or 12 Months time and get profit every month once the sales start from the 2nd month onwards after store launch and at the end of the investment period, Your Invested amount will be returned back to you. with out any pending balances of profits from the invested months. InshaAllah.

For Serious Investors Only -

Please Contact me Through My Provided email here . [email protected] for queries,

Please contact me to see the nine stores, thank you

Only serious people contact, and No Time Waste Please, Already everyone in this world has lost lot of time, and suffering everyone. hope you understand, and only contact if you are serious, please no trials and errors, i know what i am doing in my business and where i am investing my time and what business i can do, so please be clear for how the business will go, its on me, and on my Talent by the grace of Allah i have learnt alot and know what i am doing, so, only contact if you are wanting to invest and have some great doubts but not silly doubts, thank you.


Indian People who are interested in the business are also most welcome for investing, since i am also an Indian Citizen.

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