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Menaitech offers its clients complete end-to-end human capital information technology solutions and services including payroll and personnel management, HR dashboards, data and analytics, time and attendance, and many other services through web-based, mobile, and cloud technology.

Menaitech’s solutions cover the entire range of HR functions starting with:

• Human resources information management system MenaHR®.
• Payroll & personnel solution MenaPay®.
• Employee & manager self-service solution MenaME®.
• Smart phone application that enables employees and managers to be more interactive with their HR-related information online MenaME-mobile®.
• Employee 360-degree feedback software Mena360®.
• Comprehensive HR consolidation and analysis module MenaExplorer®.
• Time attendance management system MenaTA®.
• Cell phone notification service MenaSMS®.

Menaitech serves over 2,000 companies. Menaitech’s portfolio has over 1.5 million users across 25 countries, reinforcing its position as a real innovator and engine of technological development in the region.
Flagship Human Capital Information Management System: MenaHR®
MenaHR® is MenaITech’s flagship HCIS and is the most comprehensive and powerful localized HR platform.

MenaHR® is designed specifically for HR departments to improve efficiency in addition to employee and managerial productivity. The full-suite system covers all core HR functions and extends to training and development and beyond:

Personnel information management
Organization structures and charts
Competency based models
Training and development dashboard
Career path planning
Succession planning
Appraisal management
Recruitment management
Internal policies and procedures
Talent management
“Greater HR efficiency… better employee services.”

MenaHR® enables organizations to

Share information effectively using employee self-service
Increase accuracy by capturing data at the source
HR staff to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently
Manage every aspect of the organization’s most important business asset – its human capital
Access vital data and analytics for more accurate decisions
Stay in compliance with local laws and regulations
MenaHR® is being used by over 1,700 organizations across the MENA region to effectively manage their Human Capital.

MenaHR Functionalities
Comprehensive personnel file
Organization structure & charts
Competency based model
Training & development
Career path planning
Succession planning
Appraisal management
Recruitment management
Travel policy
Talent management

Payroll & Personnel
MenaPay® payroll and personnel management system is one of the most-trusted payroll solution in the Middle East and North Africa, used by some of the largest multi-national corporations, public institutions and organizations in the region.

MenaPay® is a comprehensive and user-friendly web-based payroll and personnel management system which supports multiple languages, currencies and branches, making it the ideal solution for medium to large organizations operating in the region.

The efficient administration of an employee’s personal and financial records including leaves and vacations, salaries calculation, benefits, deductions, and overtime are absolutely critical to an organization’s success. In addition, financial records must be properly maintained and kept in line with local regulations to ensure the accurate reporting of financials within your organization.

Payroll and personnel management functions can be tedious, and a source of costly human errors. MenaPay® solves that problem by processing data quickly and with close to perfect accuracy.

MenaPay® has helped organizations become more financially efficient and smarter with access to important analytics for better decision making. In addition, these systems have built-in mechanisms to keep organizations compliant with tax and labor regulations, making this complicated area easier to manage.

MenaPAY Functionalities
Comprehensive employee personal files
Leave and vacation management
Vacation in-advance management
Compensation and benefits
Health insurance
Provident fund
Ticket management
Indemnity management
User defined tax profiles
Additional salaries
Furniture management
Time attendance integration
Executive payroll processing

Online Employee/ Manager Self Services
Efficient HR, Empowering Employees and Managers to Do More

MenaME® is MenaITech’s flagship Employee and Manager Self-Service (ESS/MSS) solution. Our user-friendly platform raises the efficiency of your HR department by giving your workforce access to their information and basic HR requests from their computers or mobiles without the need for wasteful paperwork or phone calls.

MenaMe® — Work smarter, not harder…
EFFICIENCY: Free your HR department from the burdens of tedious data entry. Employees can update their own information (demographics, benefits, training, etc.) instead of filling out a paper form for the HR department to enter manually.

CONVENIENCE: Employees can access their information instantly and securely at any time and from any place.

DATA ACCURACY: Reduce human error when it comes to processing forms and tracking employee information. MenaME® helps you mitigate costly mistakes and keeps your employees focused on what’s important.

PRODUCTIVITY: The less time your employees spend on checking their leave balances or filling out HR paperwork is more time they spend focused on important tasks. MenaME® streamlines these HR processes, giving your employees more time, your managers more control and your business more potential to grow.

MenaME Functionalities
Online requests
Change personal data
Training requests
Training evaluation
Phone directory
Documents center
Miscellaneous requests
Salary slip inquiry

Because we care about internal workforce!
MenaME-Plus® – MenaITech exponential core for optimal Human Capital Management.
You have a great team and we have the greatest mobile-app for them. Our easy-to-use yet extensive HR smartphone application performs managers and employees requests with light taps. Bring all employees’ info (attendance, transactions and activities) into your mobile screen. View and fabricatesalary slips and other financial sheets into PDF versions.
Our team understands the seismic shift and the importance of mobile phones in our everyday life and activities. No matter what your request is, business users can save time and effort through MenaITech’s manager and employee self-service application. Ask MenaME-Plus® to group what you need out of mobile on-screen clicks.
The MenaME-Plus® app is designed for employees to interact with their HR
Jeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From MenaitechJeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From MenaitechJeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From MenaitechJeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From MenaitechJeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From MenaitechJeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From MenaitechJeddah, Business, The Best HR & Payroll System Cloud HRMS From Menaitech