SAR 1 / Electrical / Network / Low Current / CCTV / Video Wall / Door Access Control System Etc.

Dear All

We are working as subcontractor / freelancers and having many professional teams to meet your requirements for the following tasks with competitive price.

The work could be done in Data Centers, Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Big or small offices, Shops, Houses, Colleges, Universities, Ministry buildings and warehouses etc.

Can provide the quality materials as well for all types with competitive price.
Work could be done in Riyadh or outside Riyadh as well.

1. Electrical
All type of electrical wirings (Single phase & Three phase) PVC, EMT piping, Cable tray.
Power Panels management and load balancing etc.
Cable pulling for big projects, from 1.5mm single core till 300mm 4 core or higher.
Work could be done underground or on tge height as well.

2. Network
All types of Fiber pulling (Inddor & Outdoor)
UTP Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-6 and Cat-6A, Cabel pulling through pipes, cable trays etc.
Racks management.
Data center management.
Cable Termination and End to End testing.
Fluke Testing.
Fiber Splicing.
All type of Troubleshooting.

3. LOW Current
All type of fire alarm systems etc.

4. CCTV / Door Access Control
Installation for all types of Cameras and door access control systems.
Cameras could be analog or IP. China / Korean or European Brand as well.

5. Video Wall / Advertising Screens
Supply and installation of video walls of any size and numbers as per the requirements.
Installation and configuration of LED Screens or advertisements boards etc.

6. Generator / UPS / ATS / Power Panels
Installation and cabling for ATS, UPS & Generator.

7. Air Conditioner
Maintenance and Installation of all types of air conditioners.

8. Aluminum Doors and windows
We can provide windows with single glass and double glass with different thickness as per your requirements.
Doors with Glass, Fiber, and metal sheets.
Color could be as per your choice.

We can provide you with all type of metal and steel work as well.

Send your queries by mail or by whatsapp on the given number.

Waqas Ahmad
[email protected]