Ground Himalayan salt for only 20 riyals

Its nutritional and health benefits:

Low sodium for those who suffer from blood pressure cleanses toxins from the body, and also contains potassium. It is considered a raw organic salt. It permeates through the openings of the body's cells due to its electrical composition. It regulates the distribution of water in the body. Helps regulate acidity and base cells, especially brain cells. Helps delay aging. Supports respiratory health and reduces sinus infections. Helps prevent muscle spasms. Boosts sexual energy. Regulates sleep. Helps maintain arteries and control blood pressure. Balances blood sugar level. Enhances the generation of hydroelectric energy in the body's cells. Food particles are absorbed through the intestine. Boost bone strength. Promote blood vessel health. What is Himalayan salt? 250 years ago, the earth was submerged in water that contained all life on earth, which is known as the primitive sea phenomenon, and with the passage of time the heat of the sun dried up certain areas of the primitive sea, causing the formation of salt that crystallized under the Himalayas due to pressure, forming our pure salt that contains many From minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium and calcium, the Himalayan salt acquired a beautiful pink color due to the entrapment of iron inside the salt crystals, and it is also considered the purest type of salt in the world because it is extracted from the depths of the earth away from air or marine pollutants, as scientists classified it with crystalline salt.

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Price Each pouch: 20 riyals

Each pouch : 750 gm
Riyadh, Health & Beauty Items, SAR 20 / Ground Himalayan Salt